Reach Out and Read-Gary (ROR)

GLC directly manages and implements Reach Out and Read-Gary, putting age appropriate books into the hands of parents and children via pediatric providers (averaging 15,000 books per year). Reach Out and Read (ROR) is a national pediatric literacy program with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The program is implemented across the nation under the umbrella of hospitals or large medical institutions. The focus of ROR is on introducing children to books early by reading ALOUD to children ages 0 months through 5 years of age. Research reveals that pediatricians or healthcare providers in a child's medical home have great influence in getting parents to read to their children. GLC is responsible for administering Reach Out and Read in the Gary area communities. In the GLC office, each book is provided with a color coded label indicating appropriate age level prior to distribution to doctors. Additionally, doctors are provided personalized book record forms to place in each child's medical records. This helps the doctor to provide documentation of books given to each child. Bi-annual reports must be made to the national office.